Our Services

We are all about building long term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships, so when it comes to our engagement methodology you will find that we can flex to most types of engagement. Here a few examples of the types of engagement we are able to undertake though.

Retained Search/Headhunting

From our initial outline brief (which we can also help you with if required!) we will consider the fit of the role, company and nature of the business and weigh that against our considerable network of contacts for the best possible fit.  Only then will we begin our approaches to the targeted individuals.  We are of course happy to take onboard any personnel you may wish to have targeted as well.  We will handle all initial vetting and only pass through CV’s for those people we consider a good enough fit for the role.  We will maintain communications with both client and candidate throughout the entire process all the way through to post-role placement.

Interim Team Replacement/Stand-in 

Have your own Recruitment team but you’ve lost a key team member at a strategically critical period of recruitment for your business?  No problem, we are able and happy to undertake stand-in roles, as well as to explore the different commercial ways that can underpin the engagement.


Have a specific need that requires a large targeted influx of staff for a specific project? Not a problem.  Acting as a single point of contact we will work with you to collaboratively provide a campaign that we can roll-out across the industry.  Once the campaign hits the streets, we will handle all of the initial responses and vetting passing through only the quality candidates for interview. 

Whilst the majority of our network is established across the UK, we have worked with excellent people across the globe, and are more than happy to accommodate searches that leverage our network of personnel in almost any area of the world.  In particular, we have dealt extensively with people in Europe, South Africa, Australia, UAE, and the USA.