Our Markets

The markets in which we operate can be broadly split into three areas.

The markets

Cyber Security

The growth of the Cyber Security industry has rapidly accelerated over the past 10 years with the importance of Security on the corporate agenda being supported by the adoption of Security roles at the CxO and Board level.  We operate across the full spectrum of the industry, from Information Risk and Governance process and controls through End point protection point solutions to Threat Intelligence and remediation type services, we’ve worked across all areas at various levels of both people and solutions/services.

Big Data & Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

The widespread adoption of data collection across businesses has led to an explosion in a want and need to understand more about the information contained within that data.  As a result, the role of Big Data analytics and strategic business intelligence has become increasingly valued as a core business function.  This market is still maturing with new offerings consistently coming to market, against an already shallow pool of talent. 


The move to ‘the cloud’ can be fraught with danger without the right skills.  Whether it’s considering what will move and what will stay, or whether to go public, private or hybrid cloud, or perhaps understanding the impact on the organisations controls, risks and exposure the challenge can be a complex one that often requires a ‘serious team’ running a large scale programme of work in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

internet of things (iot)

The ‘Internet of Things’ is no longer something that people are ‘just talking about’, it’s something that, whilst still rapidly evolving, is now being built into future strategies and business models as well as being implemented in solutions across every sector.  IoT is an area where most people are still learning what can be done and where they can take it, and as a result of this markets rapid progression, is an area where experienced personnel are difficult to find, but also where good people are transitioning to from other IT related industries to be a part of the markets evolutionary journey.

All of these markets are high growth, highly desirable markets to work in, with the people that operate within them often attracting large premiums over their general IT industry counterparts.  This makes getting the right person from the available talent pool ever more important.

The People


Types of roles searched and recruited for are Account Manager, Account Director, Channel Manager, Sales Director, Partner Manager, New Business Sales, Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager


Types of roles searched and recruited for are Marketing Manager, Proposition Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Strategy Lead, IoT Proposition Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand StrategistThe role duration


Types of roles searched and recruited for are Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Warehousing Specialist, Insight Analyst, Security Architect, Pre-Sales Consultant, Penetration Tester, SIEM Specialist, IoT Software Development Engineer, Technical Writer, CLAS Consultant, CHECK Consultant, Data Quality Assurance, Data Analyst, Information Security Manager, Technical Account Manager


Types of roles searched and recruited for are VP EMEA, CxO, Global Head of, Sales & Marketing Director, Managing Director, General Manager, IT Director, Regional Director, Business Unit Director


Types of roles searched and recruited for are Project Manager, Governance & Risk Consultant, ISO27001 Consultant, Programme Manager, Strategy Consultant, Procurement Specialist, HR Manager, Vendor Manager, Services Manager, Professional Services Manager

The role duration


Permanent staff placements with organisations ranging from VC and Organic growth backed EMEA expansions requiring UK based start-up teams, through to Global FTSE100 companies.


Both long and short term contractors can be provided for anything from simple point technology installations through to large scale, highly visible, £multi-million programmes.