Our Experience

One of the biggest challenges facing the IT industry today is the shortage of qualified and experienced resources. The amount of time required to find these resources can often amount to many days in search time, vetting and telephone interviews alone.

So how can Varnium help? 

As well as being able to connect your requirements seamlessly with prospective candidates, we more often than not, know the people we are putting forward, or know and have worked with somebody whose opinion we can trust that has worked with them, assuring you of the very best people. 

Having worked the majority of our careers in the Information Security industry we know what it is to be discreet.  We know what trust and integrity really mean in a relationship and have the client and vendor relationships and testimonial across the industry to back that up. So if you come to us and ask us to discreetly search the market against your requirement, you can rest assured it will be exactly that.  

When we talk with one another, you will be appreciate that you’re talking with people that understand what you do as an organisation, the market you occupy, and the people that operate within it.  We will not need to hard sell you, or indiscriminately fire CV’s at you because not only is that a waste of your time, it’s a waste of ours as well and it’s just not the way we operate – we are professionals, and when you want a job doing well, you always call in the professionals!