As a corporate client, here’s what can you expect from us;

  • A conversation with somebody that knows exactly what you’re talking about – we’ve lived and breathed this stuff too!
  • Access to a vast network of people we’ve actually worked with, who know through trusted colleagues.  Of course, we are always able to cast the net further if necessary!
  • Our insight into various different roles that we’ve worked in and with means we are able to provide valuable input into job specifications and requirements, if requested
  • We are available, and indeed welcome the opportunity to meet with you face-to-face to discuss requirements as well as reviewing progress on a regular basis
  • We will provide you with regular feedback and communications throughout the recruitment process
  • We have a breadth of exposure at all levels and functions across the industry enabling us to quickly separate those who will fit, and those who won’t
  • Screening of candidates to ensure a cultural fit as well as a role fit
  • We have decades of relationship building experience, and we have testimonial to support the fact that people like working with us!
  • A total commitment to confidentiality and ethical behaviour